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Gas Quality Sensor XIS

Gas Quality Sensor
  • XIS is a gas quality sensor installed directly on the fuel gas pipe or engine
  • XIS measures gas composition and its variations in real time
  • XIS computes the main gas parameters including methane number, Wobbe index, heating value (higher and lower), density and relative density
  • No daily calibration is needed with XIS
  • XIS is easily installed in a short amount of time
  • Custom algorithms can be added or dedicated calibrations done to the XIS on demand (i.e.: methane number)
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: Gas Quality Sensor XIS

Cytometry laser module

Optical fluorescence measurement of cells
  • DNA characterization in reproduction cells
  • UV laser source with 5 adjustement DDL
  • XYZ fine translation for front and side beam alignment
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: Cytometry laser module

Spectral bench

Characterization of spatial filters
  • Accuracy of flux measurements: ± 0.5% in transmission and reflection
  • Incidence angle of the transmission measurement: from 0° to 30°
  • Incidence angle of the measurement in reflection: 5 °
  • Wavelengths measured: from 350nm to 1100nm
  • Equipped with 6 diaphragms
  • Max size measurable components: 200mm x 200mm
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: Spectral bench

Cable scraping bench

Banc scraping test
  • Sheathing test of electric cables subjected to a friction force
  • Force value from 1 to 50N
  • Configurable by HMI control
  • Tool in treated steel (60 HRC)
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: Cable scraping bench

Hybrid ethernet driving bench

Stepper motor control
  • Qualify pilot racks for actuators with hybrid stepper motors independently
  • Test different locally controllable HMIs based on a PC
  • Ethernet to CAN gateway
  • Bench generating incremental or absolute encoders of high precision: Renishaw, Heidenheim…

Electric motor torque bench

  • Torque tests developed by electric motors
  • Check the torque produced by the motors tested and set up complex servo drives
  • Equipped with a MAGTROL hysteresis brake: resistive torque adjustable from 0 to 13Nm
  • Equipped with 6 anti-vibration feet

Turbine test bench

  • Turbine air flow (temperature and pressure) analysis
  • Equipped with a turret supporting 4 actuators arranged at 90 °
  • Actuator: translational and rotational movement
  • Delivered with a control bay for axis cards & programming software
  • Turret rotation accuracy: ± 0.05mm

AR ramp actuator test bench

Dedicated to armored vehicles
  • Functioning and endurance test for armored vehicle rear ramp motorization assemblies
  • Simulate the torque required to open and close a rear ramp of a military vehicle: weight of the ramp 200 to 500kg
  • Static test: addition of mass on the ramp (up to 300 kg)
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +50°C

Neutron shielding

  • Neutron emission shielding
  • Material analysis directly on the conveyor belt
  • Stable structure
  • Box with variable shapes and dimensions according to customer needs
  • Filling: mixture of High Density Polyethylene tablets bonded with paraffin

Micrometric alignment robot

Continuous analysis of positions by vision
  • Realizes the precise placement (2µm) of objects between them in the horizontal and vertical planes
  • Continuous analysis of positions by vision
  • Position deviation given in real time
  • Recalibration of measuring equipment integrated into the machine
  • Displacement resolution: 0.1µm
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: Micrometric alignment robot

Automatic bore

HSID 25 series
  • Automatic control of cylindrical shapes
  • Accepts radial and axial misalignments
  • Micrometric and sub-micrometric resolution
  • Design for precision measurement in harsh environments
  • Diameter inspected up to 25mm
  • Depth inspected up to 100 mm
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: Automatic bore

TGV axle track measurement

Check the wheel center distances of the train axles
  • Check the track of the train axles after assembly
  • Composed of optical scope (theodolite)
  • Translation controlled by a measurement rule
  • Measuring accuracy over a 3.3m stroke: ± 0.05mm
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: TGV axle track measurement

Calibration case for railway engine

Consisting of a current transformer
  • Used during train maintenance: rail sensor calibration consisting of a current transformer
  • Current: 0 to 5 effective ± 10mA
  • Frequency: 100 Hz ± 0.5 Hz
  • Sinusoidal or pulse mode (0 to 2 seconds ± 10ms)
  • Sector: 230 VAC 50Hz
  • Battery: 12V 24 Ah (2h autonomy, built-in charger)
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: Calibration case for railway engine

Measuring and adjustment tools

Structure alignment by video telescope
  • Mechanical measurement and adjustment of large, inaccessible devices: high precision
  • Analysis of the methodology applied to metrology
  • Calculation of measurement uncertainties included in the study of the requirement
  • Accuracy for aiming at 13m : ± 0.25mm
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: Measuring and adjustment tools

Automatic screw bench

Screwability of parts for the automotive industry
  • 100% automatic control of the screwability of parts: automotive industry
  • Control by servo-controlled and instrumented electrical screwing
  • Equipped with a device allowing a soft mating of the screw in the thread
  • Rate: 1.5s / piece

Power cycling bench

Power electronic components
  • Simulate cyclic aging under power of electronic power components
  • Components for engine control electronics in rail traction
  • Equipped with a power module cooling circuit
  • Equipped with an acquisition system: data necessary for the laboratories collected

Turbine on active magnetic bearings

Test bench
  • High speed test bench
  • High security
  • Experimenting with the limits of active magnetic bearings: operating condition of a gas turbine


Insert, position and orient an object in a vacuum enclosure
  • Equipped with a 6-degree positioner of high precision
  • Maximum mass of the object to insert: 2,5 kg
  • Vacuum operation
  • Electromagnetic and nuclear compatible hardening
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: Insertor

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