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Radio Protected Injector 2

Appliance for the injection of radioactive solution in nuclear medicine
  • 79% reduction of radiation exposure during injection to the patients
  • Improvement of predetermined volume of radioactive solution
  • Adapted to various radiopharmaceutical packaging and large emission spectrum
  • Radiation protection is ensured by shielding of the enclosure of the carriage and shielded syringes
  • Use of various sizes of syringes with “luer lock” tip
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: Radio Protected Injector 2

CPT Robotic module

Robotic module of electric recharge of x-ray detector
  • Equipped with a mechanism for the opening of the hatch
  • Equipped with a mechanism to connect the charger to the battery
  • Used in environmental constraints: temperature, air humidity and pressure
  • Certification: UL60601-1, RoHS
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: CPT Robotic module

Radio Protected Injector

Reduces exposure of healthcare staff to ionizing radiation
  • Equipment to reduce the exposure of nursing staff to ionizing radiation
  • Radiation protection property allowing coverage of a broad emission spectrum
  • Use of syringes: 1ml, 10ml and 50ml with luer lock tip
  • Armored sleeves
  • Supplied with cart: 20 mm lead enclosure shield, integrated syringe pump, various integrated supports
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: Radio Protected Injector

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