ISP System designs and manufactures various equipment for industrial and Scientifics from nuclear field, as well as in the nuclear medicine field.

Machine and robot for nuclear research

  • Actuators, stages and hardened electrical positioners
  • Target holder and Insertion system of diagnostic of the laser integration line
  • Non-cryogenic Target holder and Reference holder of the Experience chamber of the Megajoul
  • Multi-axis positioner for spectrometer
  • Gas filling module
: Machine and robot for nuclear research

Optics and opto-mechanics

  • Motorized optical mount
  • Opto-mechanical for diagnostic system
  • Optical bench
: Optics and opto-mechanics

Machine and industrial means

  • Multi axis positioner for the package scanning
  • Precision machine with neutrons shielding and/or biological protection
  • Radio protected enclosure integrated in neutron measuring system
: Machine and industrial means

Robot and Nuclear medicine equipment

  • Radio protection of the caregivers in cancer treatments
  • Preparation and dosing robot for injectable substances in nuclear medicine
: Robot and Nuclear medicine equipment