Optics and opto-mechanics

ISP System develops precision equipment based on optical and industrial vision such as:

  • Laser source
  • Adaptive optics (laser, space, medical) and deformable mirror based on an mechanical deformation ( ISP System patent)
  • Mirror of beam transport and focalization
  • Tools for Setting and measurement by optical and video telescope alignment
  • Numeric bore
  • Tools for mechanical metrology dimensional and geometric

Additionally to its own skills in Optical field, ISP System can also rely on partnership with specialized opticians.

Our iconic industrial means :

  • Adaptive optical bench for beam transport until 50 mm
  • Chambers LIHV equipped of RGA probe
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Micro-Nano positioning

ISP System design and manufactures Equipment of micrometric and nanometric accuracy such as:

  • Positioning stages
  • Actuators
  • Multi-axis Positioner
  • Motorized mounts
  • Dedicated precision equipments and opto-mechanics, ….

This equipment can be supplied also with its electronic driver. ISP System develops also optical systemsintegrating these products such as deformable mirrors, aligning Video-telescope, beam transport optics , ….

ISP System particularly masters technologies:

  • Motion guide and transmission
  • Motion guide by flexible elements
  • Support and kinematics technique for optics
  • Active deformable mirror
  • Motorisation : stepper motor, brushless motor, direct current motor, voice coil
  • Motor control-command (on-board or in rack)
  • Position, movement and effort control.

Typical characteristics of precision equipment are:

  • Accuracy in displacement, straightness error: from 10 µm up to 1 nm
  • Resolution in force (for electric force actuators): from 100 mN to 1 mN
  • Mechanical bandwidth: depending on application, almost static up to 1 kHz

Special machine and robotics

Our teams conduct projects on precision and robotic automatic machines requiring skills in precision engineering, automation engineering.

Our solutions are based to our experience and our technological know how given by our 15 years of activity, they are innovative and combine competitiveness, ergonomics and reliability.

ISP System masters :

  • Precision Engineering
  • Critical structure in NIDA/ Carbon or Sic
  • Stable frame in Marble
  • Motorization (linear motor, brushless motor, stepper motor…)
  • Precision guidance and motion transmission / air cushion lift…
  • Vision (reading, measuring, positioning, lighting…)
  • Automation up to maximum rate production of 1,5 to 2 second by piece
  • Automatism (Siemens S7 and Simotion, Schneider Electric, Omron)
  • Robot ( Kuka, Fanuc, Adept, ….)
  • IHM and touch screens
  • Control / Supervision (Labview, Panorama…)
  • Dimensional control, Optics
  • Metrology (ISP is equipped with Laser Tracker and interferometer)
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ISP System specialized technical for a customized product:

  • Function’s incorporation as printing, product deposit, accurate dispensing
  • Vacuum technology
  • Soldering laser technology
  • Bonding technology
  • Technical constraints on pyrotechnic environment, explosive atmosphere
  • Technical contraints on clean environment (machine in clean room)
  • Portability (packaged machine for mobile use)

Mechatronic embedded equipment

ISP System develops and manufactures equipment such as embedded actuators with electro mechanical or Electromagnetic motor. The complementary skills regrouped at ISP SYSTEM, and our approach as mechatronics engineer bring optimized and customized solutions including the electronic driver of the equipment.

ISP System masters a various range of linear or rotary actuator:

  • Translation system by friction screw, ball screw or roller
  • Rotary by screw or tangent wheel
  • Stepper motor , brushless or Direct Current (DC)
  • Electromagnetic coils, voice coil
  • High stiffness reducing gear and / or low backlash
  • Integrated sensor of position measurement
  • Direct drive architecture by linear DC or multiphase motor
  • Reduction of the peaking capacity by energy accumulation
  • Manual override

The characteristics of the product are adapted to the client application: :

  • Stroke from 1mm to 1m
  • Developed effort: from 10-3 to 104 N
  • High accuracy depending on the application
  • Reversibility / Irreversibility
  • Service factor: 3% to 100%
  • Power up to 10 kW
  • Stability
  • High power / mass ratio
  • Bandwidth: static at 1 kHz
  • High reliability, redundancy

Actuators can be hardened for harsh environments:

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Vibrations and shocks
  • Harsh outdoor environment (salt spray, dust, etc.)
  • Strong electromagnetic fields
  • Vacuum and ultra-vacuum
  • Radiation (gamma, X, neutrons)

Medical device

ISP System develops and manufactures for medical markets high precision mechatronics and robotics equipment, such as:

  • Precision Mechatronic medical device for medical imaging; nuclear medicine, surgery
  • Optical benches (cytometer, …)
  • Robot and Automat for radio-pharmacy
  • Special machine for assembly of medical products and devices

These developments are performed with our clients or though R&D partnership. The developed product can be certified and approved: UL 60601 and CAN/CSA6c22.2 (Medical Electrical Equipment).

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ISP System master special technologies:

  • Precision engineering, kinematics
  • Material (choice, bio-compatibility)
  • Plastics industry
  • Robotic / Control Software
  • Stepper motors , continuous or brushless and coil
  • Control driver
  • High reliability

ISP System master the constraints:

  • Risk management
  • Device vigilance
  • Increased traceability
  • Infrastructure and work environment
  • Design and interaction with other devices

Precision frame

ISP System develop and manufacture precision frame. Our engineers and team master various technologies:

  • Composite frame: mechanical parts + Welding aluminum and special boards type alu/nida/alu or alu/foam/alu , also bonding assembly + Riveting
  • Vibration attenuators for optical system
  • Structural bonding (polyurethane or epoxy): at ambient or controlled temperature and bonding parts of big size
  • Sealed and welded Enclosure (inox or aluminium)
  • Metallic or marble supporting frame

ISP System can perform suitable metrology (Laser Tracker, MMT Machine, interferometer, autocollimators, helium leak sensor…)

Our product can be customized to ensure specified characteristics such as:

  • Cleanliness
  • Sealing and/or vacuum capability
  • Dimensional and geometric precision
  • Electrical continuity
  • EMC shielding
  • Resistance to harsh environments (extreme temperature…..)

Thanks to the previous know how, we can develop precision frame with various characterics:

  • Requirement of lightness, strength, stiffness, stability
  • Needs of large size and accurate geometry
  • Integration of function (mechanics, wiring….)
  • Resistance to “Embedded Equipment“ requirement (tireness, external climatic environment, hardening EMC)