Our skills
at your service

ISP System designs and manufactures high precision equipment for all sectors of Research and Industry. Demanding on quality for over 20 years, we are specialists in precision mechanics and its command and control as well as in robotics.

Really passionate, our engineers anticipate and innovate for each project, in technological fields, our core business, such as precision engineering.

R&D Specialists
and product engineering

The added value of ISP System comes from its « technological portofolio » and experience in high precision product ; its industrial organization and optimized logistic to offer one of the best value in the market.

The excellence of our engineering is provided by a strong team of engineers and technicians. Their experience and their multidisciplinary technical knowledge enable the design of new functional turnkey solutions for our customers.

Our technological portfolio

Within 20 years of Research & Development, ISP System has built a technological portfolio specialized in:

  • Stage and positioner of micrometric and nanometric accuracy
  • Deformable mirror for power laser, beamline and telescope
  • Actuator and embedded sensors (aerospace, defense, railways, space…)
  • Medical, electrical, mechatronics and robotic devices
  • Metrology equipment

Today, ISP System hold a portfolio of 12 patents. This portfolio extends progressively thanks to ISP System research.

Within the framework of its approach of “customer cooperation“. This portfolio is an additional asset by its technological input to our client’s project.

Your turnkey solution

ISP System is a key player in the fields of precision mechanics, mechatronics and robotics.

Supporting you from the feasibility study to commissioning and maintenance, ISP System combines its businesses to provide you with an optimized solution adapted to your specifications.

Let’s study your projects together.

Industrial process consulting

ISP System provides all the services necessary for the turnkey supply of your solution: Pre-project and project architecture, design and justification, realization, factory test, Installation and commissioning, training and maintenance.

We operate throughout France, in Europe and on the North American continent.

Customer cooperation

ISP System promotes “Customer Partnership” especially for the development of:

  • New and Innovating mechatronics products
  • Innovating means required to the development of new industrial process

Among the opportunities of this partnership, ISP-system positions itself on the below sectors:

  • Electro-mechanical or electromagnetic Embedded actuators,
  • Nano-scale positioning and active optic,
  • Medical and mechatronic medical devices,
  • Industrial and robotic means for equipment production of electrics vehicles…