Medical & Biotech

ISP System is a recognized actor in medical sector for its skills in mechatronics and precision robotics. We offer a large panel of products and services (Design of mechatronics products, unit or mass production, industrial machine and robotic…) and we participate in R & D projects of innovative medical devices.

Electrical & mechanical medical device

  • Movable injection devices of radioactive solution in nuclear medicine
  • Spirometer with real time synchronisation for medical imaging
  • Electric recharging robot of X ray detector
: Electrical & mechanical medical device

Optical bench

  • Optical cytology bench
  • Optical cell sorting bench
: Optical bench

Nuclear medicine robot and equipment

  • Preparation and dosing robot for ijectable products, in radio protected housing (IRP).
  • 4 axis respiratory emulator robot
: Nuclear medicine robot and equipment

Special machines and industrial robotic

  • Automatic assembly line of ostomy pocket