Micro-nano positioning / Large Positioner

Vacuum chambers of PCNC

Soldered chambers
  • Chamber dimension: 8600 x 1600 x 3200 mm
  • Volume : 6m3
  • Internal pressure: 1.10-6 mbar
  • Leakage Rate: < 6.10-7 mbar.l/s
  • Manufacturing & control under CODAP V2000 cat B
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: Vacuum chambers of PCNC

Vacuum chamber

Multi-axis positioner Nanoscopium
  • 2 vacuum chambers
  • Inner Dimensions: 350 x 600 x370 mm& 450x 950 x490 mm
  • Equipped with 2 positioners with high accuracy (inside)
  • Positioner isolated from the chamber in order to dissociate the vibrations and thermal expansion

Common Reference Gate

Optical suport
  • LMJ equipment
  • Position the Common Reference with great precision in the center of the experiment chamber
  • Equipped with a 6 DDL positioner
  • Compatible: secondary vacuum, contaminated environment
  • Resists EMC constraints
  • Safety management: safety PLC


Insert, position and orient an object in a vacuum enclosure
  • Equipped with a 6-degree positioner of high precision
  • Maximum mass of the object to insert: 2,5 kg
  • Vacuum operation
  • Electromagnetic and nuclear compatible hardening
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: Insertor

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