Electric embedded actuators / Aerospace

Rotary electric actuator

Open and close of the valve
  • Open/Close of the valve (for air conditioning system)
  • Wide Angle 45° or 90°
  • Industrialization and series
  • Production series (up to 1500 units / year)
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: Rotary electric actuator

Fluid valve actuator

Coating for harsh environment
  • Motorized pressure regulating valve
  • Integrated electronic board on demand
  • Position feedback by encoder
  • Travel: 14mm
  • Resolution: 3µm
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: Fluid valve actuator

Actuator for active anti-vibration system

Attenuation of engine vibrations
  • Attenuate the vibrations of motorizations of flying devices
  • Mass: 1kg
  • Travel: 50mm
  • Travel speed: 1mm/s
  • Vibration range: 70 to 350 Hz

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