Precision machines & robotics / Microelectronic assembly

Laser selective soldering – DLS

Assembly machine
  • Assembly by laser soldering of chips on leadframe
  • High precision: submicron resolution
  • High rate: 12s per solder (variable depending on soldering time)
  • Component positioning determined after vision measurement
  • Equipped with an electromagnetic head (ISP SYSTEM patent), effort during welding and movement controlled
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: Laser selective soldering – DLS

Laser sintering machine : ILAS

Micro-assembly machine
  • Flexible generic machine
  • Refined laser process parameters: guarantees industrialization of a successful laser process
  • HMI: Programming, process monitoring and post-processing analysis
  • Equipped with an electromagnetic head (ISP SYSTEM patent)
  • Controlled laser beam and beam power modulated throughout the assembly process

Large cartesian robot

Precision positioning and assembly
  • High speeds and accelerations
  • Closed loop positioning on absolute measurement rule
  • Friction limited to guide rails and pads only
  • Lack of wear and grip
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Suitable for clean rooms
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: Large cartesian robot

Compact cartesian robot

Servo positioning by linear motors
  • High precision guidance
  • Linear motors
  • Same repository (granite) for all axes
  • Granite base decoupled from the exterior structure
  • Rigid and light manipulator structures
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: Compact cartesian robot

Oxalate laser sintering machine

Die Bonder micro-assembly machine
  • Oxalate dispenser, pick & place and laser sintering
  • Small series production
  • Assembly of electronic components at low pressure and temperature
  • Optimal sintering quality: no voids> 50μm
  • Process analysis and post treatment functionality
  • Compatible with space applications
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: Oxalate laser sintering machine

SCARA robotic machine

Removal of electronic chips and laser soldering
  • Robotic machines for depositing electronic chips and laser soldering
  • Robot (6 axes) for palletizing ceramic pieces at the press outlet

Bumps Pick & Place

Maintaining electronic components on power module
  • Gripping by suction and depositing balls (up to 250)
  • Precise positioning of small objects (± 0.02mm)
  • Mass: ≤ 8 kg
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: Bumps Pick & Place

Automatic cleaning machine

  • Parts cleaning by immersion in a solvent bath
  • Useful cleaning volume: 665 x 700 x 100mm
  • Structure: 304 L stainless steel
  • Automatic container shutters to limit evaporation of the solvent
  • Tempering and drying time, oscillation: configurable via HMI
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: Automatic cleaning machine

Battery cell manufacturing machine

NI-Cd & LI – ION batteries
  • Several machines are developed, with different functions:
  • Spiraling
  • Element calibration
  • Li-Ion coating
  • Packing elements
  • Cover fitting

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