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Automatic note dispenser

Warehouse automation system
  • Quick delivery of delivery slips in the boxes of goods on the picking chains
  • High productivity: 4 integrated and desynchronized storage troughs for continuous printing
  • Distribution of documents on variable height boxes
  • Adaptable to all types of photocopiers
  • Maximum removal rate: 45 sheets / minute
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: Automatic note dispenser

Tank handling station

  • Installation of electrical cabinet
  • Facilitate the assembly of the tank by relieving the mass
  • At breast height, access to the front, rear, side, upper and lower sides of the tank
  • Maximum height: 2705 mm
  • Maximum load that can be handled: 380 Kg

Radio Protected Injector

Reduces exposure of healthcare staff to ionizing radiation
  • Equipment to reduce the exposure of nursing staff to ionizing radiation
  • Radiation protection property allowing coverage of a broad emission spectrum
  • Use of syringes: 1ml, 10ml and 50ml with luer lock tip
  • Armored sleeves
  • Supplied with cart: 20 mm lead enclosure shield, integrated syringe pump, various integrated supports
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: Radio Protected Injector

Hardware removal table

Trans Sail
  • Tool allowing to take back 4 types of fittings
  • Motorized Z approach ascent: stroke of 1370mm maximum
  • Final manual ascent: 60mm stroke
  • 3 rotations: X, Y Z (± 2 °)
  • Payload: 1000 Kg

Clean room bridge

ISO 5 environment compatible
  • Handling under specific conditions
  • Precise and compatible transport in ISO 5 environment

Transport fitting

  • Handling equipment optimized in terms of mass and size
  • Finite element calculation
  • Certified by an approved body
  • Option: according to need ISP SYSTEM supplied with fittings a periodic test bench, transport trolley

Brewing machine for solid chemicals

  • Mixing chemicals in solid form (powders, granules, etc.)
  • Equipped with a cylindrical tank rotated by variable speed motorization
  • Reversible ventilation circuit with variable flow
  • Temperature and humidity reading of the air inside the tank and the mixture
  • Recording and viewing of these statements

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