Visit of the President of the Occitanie Region to ISP System

Carole Delga stage at ISP System in Vic-en-Bigorre

If the guided tour of the company ISP System by its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Paul Sauvageot was a discovery for some personalities of the delegation around the president of the Occitanie Region (an assembly of elected officials from all municipal and inter-municipal strata , departmental, regional), Carole Delga, for her part, has added to her knowledge of a company supported by the local authority since 2017. Indeed, if the Region has supported various innovation and development projects, particularly in export for an amount of more than 1.1 million euros, the CEO will indicate that a new file – that of a photonic sensor – is submitted to the standing committee, even specifying that the main market of the company is represented by the “photonics” branch, adding “our growth is there”.

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