3 CNES SME Labels to ISP System

CNES awards 3 SME Labels to ISP System

Some 40% of the key space suppliers are SMEs, who play a vital role alongside big firms within the French industry base through their cutting-edge expertise, their impressive ability to innovate and their gret agility.

With a view to promoting the excellent work they do for the agency’s programmes, CNES offers key SME space suppliers an accreditation scheme for a broad range of products and services encompassing launchers, orbital systems, ground segments, satellites, balloons and spaceplanes. Accredited products or services must have proven their effectiveness—for example, at least one product in the range must have matured to a technology readiness level (TRL) of at least 6—and have business development potential.

CNES Accreditation Commission has awarded 3 SME Labels for a term of 3 years to ISP System, for :

Design, development, manufacturing and maintenance in operational conditions of high performance mechanisms and actuators for stratospheric and tropospheric balloons (linear and rotary actuators, valves, fine pointing)

Expertise in the design of deformable mirrors with electro-mechanical actuators for space applications

Design, development and manufacturing of electro-mechanical actuators for high resolution space applications

These Labels confirm our fruitful collaboration with the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales and allow us to strengthen our visibility and credibility on space markets around the world.


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