Events 2020

ISP SYSTEM will participate to following events in 2020 :

- Photonics West – San Francisco (USA) : February, 01-06

- IMAPS – La Rochelle (FR) : February, 05-06

- Aerospace tech week – Toulouse (FR) : March, 18-19 

- CIPS – Berlin (DE) : March, 24-26

- SPIE Photonics Europe – Strasbourg (FR) : from March, 29  – April, 02

- Medtech – Nüremberg (DE) : from March, 31  – April, 02

- Optatec – Francfort (FR) : May, 12-14

- Minapad – Grenoble (FR) : May, 27-28 Mai

- Eurosatory – Paris (FR) : June, 08-13

- Symposium de génie électrique – Nantes (FR) : from June, 30 – July, 02

- ICUIL – Corée du Sud (KR) : September, 06-11

- ECSRM : European Conference on Silicon Carbide and Related Materials – Tours (FR) : September, 13-17

- Micronora – Besançon (FR) : September, 22-25

Inter-regional European Project TNSI

ISP System start with TNSI project a new European scientific cooperation.

TNSI project, “Transpyrenean Node for Scientific Instrumentation” , with ISP System as one of the two French partners has been funded by the European program POCTEFA ( Spain-France-Andorra cross-border cooperation). 

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Events 2017

ISP SYSTEM will participate to following events in 2017:

- Photonics West in San Francisco (USA) from January 31 - February 2

- IMAPS in La Rochelle (F), February 1-2

-  Enova in Strasbourg (F) , March 15-16

- Laser World of Photonics in Shanghai (CN) March 14-16

- IWIPP in Delft (NL), April 4-7

- SPIE Optics and Optoelectronics in Prague (CZ), April 24-27

- APE in Paris La Vilette (F), April 26-27

- MINIPAD in Grenoble (F), May 17-18

- SIAE in Le Bourget (F), June 19-25

- Laser World of Photonics in Munich (D), June 26-29

- MMC in Manchester (UK), July 4-6

- Enova in Paris (F), September 19-21

- DeciElec in Toulouse (F), October 18-19

- Precision Fair in Veldhoven (NL), November 15-16

- Productronica in Munich (D), November 14-17

Our new innovation: Hole or shaft inspection device

alésomètre automatique

The HSID (Hole or Shaft Inspection Device)  is based on a contact measurement known for its robustness. The 5 Keys trace simultaneously the surface to be measured at required depth.This device is tolerant to surface condition, residual pollution and optical characteristic (reflectivity, lighting, etc.…) unlike vision measurement. Compact (16cm), thanks to its tolerance to misalignment (up to 2/10mm) and its tightness (IP 67), the HSID 25 can be mounted on a manipulator arm or can be integrated on a machining center.It can operate “in situ” measurements with a micrometric accuracy, even under harsh environments (vibrations, machining lubricant, micro-chips, etc.). Depending on the inspected nominal diameter, the measurement range is from 1 to 4 mm and measurement depth is up to 100mm. For example, it can be used to measure machined bore in composite material (carbon fiber) even on deep hole. Its high productivity allow measurement at high speed (less than one second). Thanks to its 5 keys, the device also provides in one measurement: misalignment, circularity, and concentricity.


On 2016, ISP SYSTEM has participated to various exhibitions and conferences  in France and worldwide.

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- ENOVA Lyon (FR) – February 10&11  

- PHOTONICS WEST San Francisco (US)  - February 16  to 18  

- LASER PHOTONICS Shanghai (CN) with SINOPTIX –  March 15 to 17   

- TECHNODAY Pau (FR)- March 31  

- INDUSTRIE Paris  (FR)- April 4 to 8  

- AEROSPACE & DEFENSE SUPPLIER SUMMIT à Seattle (US) – April 14&15  

- OPTATEC Francfort (DE) – June 7 to 9  

- ICUIL Montbello (CA) – September 11 to 16 

- ENOVA Paris  (FR)-  September 14&15 

- MICRONORA Besançon (FR) – September 27 to 30 

- PRECISION FAIR Veldhoven (NL) – November 16&17 

ISP System boosted by the ISO 13485



 With the Medical certification ISO 13 485, ISP SYSTEM confirm its business on medical device and can carry on to  to developp its activity

Especially with its new Appliance for the injection of radioactive solution in nuclear medicine,  medical device class IIb 

ISP System  offers its know-how for medical robotic projects





MD-AME Deformable Mirror: An innovative technology in wavefront correction.

This deformable mirror corrects the wavefront with nanometer accuracy.

To solve the various problems encountered with piezzo electric deformable mirrors, ISP SYSTEM has developed an alternative solution based on the injection of an accurate force network on thin reflective membrane. The forces are generated by electric actuators µAME designed and manufactured by ISP SYSTEM.

In consortium with  PHASICS, ISP SYSTEM also offers adaptive optics loops for large lasers. The LASQUA consortium offers an easily adaptable solution for various lasers and provides support and methods according to the application (

The MD-AME deformable mirror distinguishes itselves from the competition by an original and protected technology (three patents). It was designed to solve the issues encountered by users of intense Lasers, allowing a qualitative leap in the wavefront correction of femtosecond laser beams..


The MD-AME deformable mirror offers many advantages:


-          Highly reduced hysteresis (factor 100),

-          Print-through effect suppressed,

-          Correction stable even unpowered

-          Large amplitude of correction,

-          Insensitivity of the mirror to electromagnetic interference,

-          Excellent linearity of the actuators (> 99%),

-          Easy replacement of the reflective membrane.


Motorization and robotization through miniaturization

The ISP SYSTEM products offer the advantage of a high repeatability, maintenance without feeding and a very competitive cost.
They replace advantageously the products with piezo motorization.

Equipped with a permanent screw-nut system with an adjusting backlash device, these devices allow stability energy off.
The stepper motor in open loop, the linear guide and the presence of optical sensor ensure high repeatability, high accuracy positioning and resolution adaptable to customer needs.

These devices can be used for settings femtosecond and picosecond OPO lasers.
The laser Users shall appreciate being able to customize their beam by adjusting many optical parameters. That’s why these miniaturized actuators, controlled remotely are adapted to the lasers from new generation.

Developed with an electronic driver, these actuators provide a great matching to customer constraints (size, interface, resolution …) and according to customers’ needs; they can be adapted to specific environments such as vacuum.


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Delivery of the 100th CNA Machine

In December 2013, ISP has delivered the 100th machine type CNA. 

For this occasion, the management thank ISP SYSTEM team for its commitment and professionalism, also the clients for their confidence.

The ISP team – Vic en Bigorre, around the 100th CNA machine

LASQUA the best adaptative optics for large lasers:

Based on the ISP SYSTEM (authorized representative) and PHASICS technologies, LASQUA is a consortium that provides adaptative optics loop, advices on the implementation of the loop (choice of position) and offers adapted procedures to laser installation. These solutions have proven their efficiency and reliability on many laser systems in the world.

The wavefront correction loop integrates the deformable mechanical MD-AME mirror of ISP SYSTEM, the high resolution wavefront analyser SID4 and the dedicated adaptative optics correction software OASys of PHASICS. This solution is easily adjustable to different lasers (beam size, angle of incidence, number of actuators, mirror treatment…).

Boucle optique adaptative LASQUA

Soldering or sintering Laser. Get your industrialization with ILAS:

From idea to achievement, many steps to pass! … The new components put on the market to make assembly by soldering or nano-sintering require an accurate characterization of the process to be implemented.

Decisive progress in the assembly of electronic components of high power by laser process : ILAS (industrialization laser assembling station) is an assembly station of components with brazing or sintering Laser.

This generic machine is designed to produce in industrial conditions, prototype parts or small series.

Thanks to its electromagnetic head (patent ISP SYSTEM), ILAS control the positioning and the force put on the component. The head detects any change of phase and position accurately the component on the base substrate Control of the melting / solidification ensures an optimal quality (no void).

ILAS improves your productivity by reducing the cycle time. The control of the heat source (YAG ) allows a rapid and localized heating , and preserves the component and adjacent parts of all damage.

The ergonomic access to the various process parameters, the loading of the production program (HMI), the real-time process monitoring, analysis and post-processing of stored data, optimize the combination of the operations of the laser with the electromagnetic head.

Modular and evolutionary, ILAS can be adapted to client requests and specificities.

ilas_machine frittage laser

Assembly of the 8th laser soldering machine:

This Laser soldering machine allows soldering of bared chips on bare metal lead frames. This precision machine performs the stacks to form a “sub-layer” and the automatic laying of the flow with micrometric accuracy.The chip is layed of by a dynamically controlled electromagnetic head in stress and displacement.This head (ISP System patent) controls the melting and solidification. Thus brazing is performed with optimum quality (no void).

The heat input is performed by the laserYAG laser controlled by the machine. This machine is designed for continuous production, high speed and clean room integrates traceability of manufacturing.

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