A major activity for ISP SYSTEM.


Major activities of ISP SYSTEM concern DEFENSE (air, land, sea, space) and research CEA-DAM (Laser Megajoule).

Such as:

Electric Embedded Equipment: Actuators, Positioners :

  • Micro-actuators (aiming stabilizer)
  • Door locking of armoured vehicle
  • Motorization of stern ramps of armoured vehicle
  • Safety electrical actuator
  • Electromagnetic actuator
  • Antenna and sensor positioner

 Hydro-pneumatic embedded equipment :

  • Hydro-pneumatic suspension with wide travel for off-road vehicles.

Precision frame by adhesive bonding :

  • Cable structure of radar antenna with electronic scanning.


Machines and production lines :

  • Automatic machine of pyrotechnic equipment assembly.
  • Automatic chain of igniter production.
  • Balancing bench for missile.
  • Dimensional Control bench for rocket.