A key sector for ISP System

Actor since 15 years in the aerospace industry and recently in the space industry, ISP-SYSTEM offers a large choice of products and services.



 Embedded equipment :

  • Rotary or linear actuator,
  • Electric actuator,
  • Solenoid valve,
  • Force measuring rod,
  • Multi axis positioner antenna.


Machines and industrial means : 


Robotisation and assembly means automation :

  • Wings adjustment by video-telescope.
  • Section alignment by video-telescope.
  • Accurate positioning on assembly station.
  • Dimensional checking / geometry.



  • Specific gantry.
  • Means of setting up / unloading
  • Hinges for transportation


Specific test benches

 Precise and light structure by adhesive bonding :

  • Precision surface table.
  • Positioning tool.