Below is an overview of our solutions for optics and opto-mechanics.

 Deformable mirror

Deformable mirror with micro force electrical actuator: MD-AME for intense laser

Miroir déformable par actionneur micrométrique d'effor MD-AME  

Deformable mirror


  • Patented and original technology based on requirements from laser manufacturers
  • Wavefront correction with nanometric accuracy
  • Absence of print trough effects on laser beam
  • High linearity (>to 99%)
  • Large dynamic range of correction from Ø22 to Ø800
  • Control rack included
  • Complete adaptive optics loop available through a consortium : LASQUA (
  • Interfaceable  with any wavefront analyzer and   correction wavefront software
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Intensive Laser Adaptive Optics: ILAO


Intensive Laser Adaptive Optics: ILAO65E Optique Active de Haute Puissance: Hipao


(Patented technology)


(Patented technology)

  • Developed in collaboration with Imagine Optic
  • Equipped with a micro force Electrical actuator network (AME): 37 or 52 Actuators
  • Hysteresis lower than with Piezo actuators (0.1% instead of 10%)
  • Regular distribution  of  stress on the contact surface
  • Long terms stability
  • Available on several size, version, etc…
  • No friction nor print trough effects on the mirror
  • Developed in collaboration with Imagine Optic
  • Equipped with a micro force Electrical actuator network (AME): 47 actionneurs
  • Large scale mirror defaults and wavefront error
  • No grid effect on laser beam
  •  Hysteresis lower than with Piezo actuators (0.1% instead of 10%)
  • Long terms stability
  • Control rack included

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Download datasheet

Deformable infrared mirror

miroir déformable MIR

 Deformable mirror MIR

(Patented technologie)

  • Aberrations corrected by  micro force actuators
  • No grid effect on laser beam
  • High linearity (>to 99%)
  • High stability without power supply
  • Hysteresis lower than with Piezo actuators (0.1% instead of 10%)
  • Control rack included

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Space Deformable mirror


MD-AME Space

  • Wavefront correction in Space applications
  • Improves imaging quality of spatial telescopes
  • Low hysteresis (
  • Very low energy consumption

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Adaptive optics


 MD-AME Adaptive optics loop software

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Fast Steering Mirror

Fast Steering Mirror

Fast Steering Mirror

  • Space Saver
  • Total power dissipation of 4W
  • Angular resolution : 10µrad
  • Max angular inclination : ±25 mrad
  • Control electronics 16 bits

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Bender and active bender


Courbeur de miroir avec positionneur  

Mirror bender with positioner


  • Equipped with 2 actuators which generate curvature type AME and 2 positioners
  • Translation TX: stroke +/- 10mm, Resolution 1µm
  • Rotation θY: stroke +/- 30mrad, Resolution 5µrad
  • Pusher actuator  Stress range 0 to 40N, Resolution 5mN
  • Product compatible to environmental cleanliness class ISO6
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Active bender

Courbeur de miroir avec positionneur et actionneurs de correction  Bender actif MARX_montage horizontal

Mirror bender 

with positioners and correction actuators

Active bender

KB mounting

  • Equipped with actuators which generate curvature (AME), correction actuators (µAME) and positioner.
  • Device positioned in translation and rotation
  • Translation TX: Course +/-10mm, Resolution 1µm
  • Rotation θY: Stroke +/- 30mrad, Resolution 5µrad
  • Pusher actuator: Range 0 to 40N, Resolution 5mN 
  • Correction actuator : Range +/- 7N, Resolution 1mN
  • Equipped with many astatic actuators
  • Correction of polishing defaults and  mirror aberrations
  • High stability
  • Output rod at floating mounting
  • Lower hysteresis than with Piezo actuator (0.1%instead of 10%)
  • Rack included
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Platine rotationelle  

Rotating plate


  • Generate a rotary movement by 3 axis  in a reduced volume
  • Equipped with a swiveled plate activated by 3 micrometric bearing.
  • Bearing with an angular transmission at 90°
  • Sensitivity  of the Rotating travel at 1µrad
  • Travel range +/- 1mm on each adjustment axis.
  • Available on motorized version
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Optical Carrier

Porte_cible_non_cryogénique Porte Référence Commune PRC Monture_miroir_parallelepipedique

Non cryogenic target holder

Common reference holder

Parallelepiped mirror frame

  • Set a target with high accuracy
  • Compatible to high vacuum, contaminated environment
  • Resistant to CEM constraints
  • Translation & rotation movement
  • Autonomous system of vacuum :Turbo molecular pumps
  • Safety system
  • LMJ Equipment
  • Setting up with high accuracy the common reference into the center of the experience chamber
  • Equipped with a 6 DOF Equipment
  • Compatible: High vacuum in contaminated environment
  •  Withstand to CEM  constraints
  • Safety control
  • Isostatic positioning and holding  of massive Parallelepiped mirror
  • Dimensional stability
  • Frame compatible in horizontal or vertical mounting
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Motorized mounts Tip-Tilt

 Motorized mounts Tip-Tilt tip_tilt_3-0.03-1000  

Motorized mounts

Tip Tilt

Large Kinematic Mount



  • Small footprint
  • High guidance quality
  • Angular travel range: +/- 3deg
  • Speed: 0.25 deg/s
  • Resolution: 4µrad per step
  • Excellent stability
  • Resolution : 0.0333 µm/ motor step
  • Accuracy :
  • Hysteresis :  
  • Load (frame+optics): up to 150kg

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Gimbal Mount

Gimbal Mount for Large Optic Monture_Gimbal_605mm  

Gimbal Mount for Large Optic

Large Motorized Mount

GIMBAL 605 mm

  • Mirror :Ø 1 500mm
  • Maximum Optic mass : 550 kg
  • Compatibility : high vaccum , clean room
  • Azimuth and elevation resolution : 10µrad
  • Motorized GIMBAL by 2 stages TMP 29
  • High vibratory stability
  • Optics diameter : 605 mm +/- 5 mm
  • Optics thickness : 80 mm +/- 5 mm
  • Payload : up to 60kg
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Multi-axis motorized mounts

 monture multi-axes

Mult axis mount/h3>

  • 4 axis positioner (2 translations and 2 rotations of mirror
  • Supply with a XYZ stage and 4 actuators
  • Function of insertion and retraction of the diagnostic mirror and optical fiber

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Video telescope

vidéo télescope  

Video telescope


  • Performs alignment control
  • Remote controlled Adjustment from the electric box
  • Device fitted to  workshop environment
  • Aiming distance:90 cm to  ∞
  • Setting option, telescope holder, special target
  • Developed with an alignment tooling
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