A key activity for ISP System


ISP System supplies High precision products (actuators, positioners, frame, active-optics,spectrometry, microscopy….)for laser, light source of synchrotron, telescopes, scientific equipment and medical field …

Opto-mechanical and Optics equipment:

  • Actuator, linear positioner, rotary.

  • Astatic actuator.

  • Motorised frame, sample holder, …

  • Deformable Mirror and bending system.

  • Multi axis Positioner, .

  • Vacuum vessels,

  • Electronique driver.


Additional information: Optics

Additional information: Micro-Positioning


ISP System also supplies industrial high precision machine and control means for Optics – Photonics :


Control means by optics and/or vision :

  • Video-telescope for setup and alignment of sub-assembly.

  • Optical machine of print heads setting for high speed printer.


Precision machines:

  • Sol-Gel coating machine for large optics.

  • Automatic laser soldering machine.

  • Automatic laser sintering machine.

Additional information: Special-machine & Robotics








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