ISP System develop and manufacture precision frame.

Our engineers and team master various technologies :

  • Composite frame: mechanical parts + Welding aluminum and special boards type alu/nida/alu or alu/foam/alu , also bonding assembly + Riveting.
  • Structural bonding (polyurethane or epoxy: at ambient or controlled temperature and bonding parts of big size.
  • Sealed and welded Enclosure (inox or aluminium),
  • Metallic or marble supporting frame,


ISP System can perform suitable metrology (Laser Tracker, MMT Machine, interferometer, autocollimators, helium leak sensor…)


Our product can be customized to ensure specified characteristics such as :

  • Cleanliness
  • Sealing and/or vacuum capability
  • Dimensional and geometric precision
  • Electrical continuity
  • EMC shielding
  • Resistance to harsh environments (extreme temperature…..) 


Thanks to the previous know how, we can develop precision frame with various characteristics :

  • Requirement of lightness, strength, stiffness, stability
  • Needs of large size and accurate geometry
  • Integration of function (mechanics, wiring….)
  • Resistance to “Embedded Equipment“ requirement (tireness, external climatic environment, hardening EMC)


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