ISP System design and manufactures Equipment of micrometric and nanometric accuracy such as :

  • Positioning stages
  • Actuators
  • Multi-axis Positioner
  • Motorized mounts
  • Dedicated precision equipments and opto-mechanics, …. 

 This equipment can be supplied also with its electronic driver.

Technologies mastered by ISP System :

  • Guidance and motion transmission
  • Flexible bearing
  • Support and Kinematic Engineering for optic
  • Active deformable mirrors
  • Motorization: Stepper motor, brushless motor, DC motor, voice coils…
  • Motor drive control (embedded or remote)
  • Position, displacement or strength servo-control

Typical characteristics for high accuracy equipment :

  • Displacement accuracy, Straightness defect from 10µm to 1nm
  • Force resolution: ( for electrical force actuators): from 100mN to 1mN
  • Mechanical bandwidth: according to application; from almost static to 1 kHz

Suitable for extreme conditions:

  • High reliability applications
  • Hardening to harsh environments (ionizing ray, electromagnetic fields, temperature, vibration…)
  • Adaptation to specific environments (vacuum, UHV, cleanliness…)


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ISP System develops also optical systems integrating these products such as deformable mirrors, aligning Video-telescope, beam transport optics , ….