ISP SYSTEM develops and manufactures for medical markets high precision mechatronics and robotics equipment, such as :

  • Precision Mechatronic medical device for medical imaging; nuclear medicine, surgery.
  • Robot and Automat for radio-pharmacy
  • Special machine for assembly of medical products and devices.


These developments are performed with our clients or though  R&D partnership.

ISP SYSTEM master special technologies :

  • Precision engineering, kinematics
  • Material (choice, bio-compatibility)
  • Plastics industry
  • Robotic / Control Software
  • Stepper motors , continuous or brushless and coil
  • Control driver
  • high reliability


ISP SYSTEM also master the constraints :

  • Risk management
  • Device vigilance
  • Increased traceability
  • Infrastructure and work environment
  • Design and interaction with other devices


The developed product can be certified and approved:

  • ISO 13485
  • UL 60601  et CAN/CSA6c22.2 ( Medical Electrical Equipment)


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