ISP System develops and manufactures equipment such as embedded actuators with electro mechanical or Electromagnetic motor. The complementary skills regrouped at ISP SYSTEM, and our approach as mechatronics engineer bring optimized and customized solutions including the electronic driver of the equipment.

ISP System masters a various range of linear or rotary actuator :

  • Translation system by friction screw, ball screw or roller
  • Rotary by screw or tangent wheel
  • Stepper motor , brushless or Direct Current (DC)
  • Electromagnetic coils, voice coil
  • High stiffness reducing gear and / or low backlash
  • Integrated sensor of position measurement
  • Direct drive architecture by linear DC or multiphase motor 
  • Reduction of the peaking capacity by energy accumulation
  • Manual override


Embedded actuators are dedicated to the client application :

  • 1mm to 1m Stroke,
  • Developed force: from 10-3 to 104 N,
  • High accuracy according to applications
  • Reversibility, Irreversibility
  • Duty factor : 3% to 100%,
  • Power up to 10 kW,
  • Stability,
  • Top power/mass ratio,
  • Static Bandwidth : static at 1kHz,
  • High reliability, redundancy

Capacity to hardening in severe environment :

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Vibrations and shocks
  • Harsh environment (dust, salt spray….)
  • High electromagnetic fields
  • Vacuum and high vacuum
  • Radiation (gamma, X, neutrons).

“CAN in Automation” :

  • The “CAN in Automation” (CiA) network is offered on our actuators.
  • ISP System is a member of the international standardization committee “CAN in Automation”.

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