• Our new innovation: Hole or shaft inspection device

Our new innovation: Hole or shaft inspection device

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The HSID (Hole or Shaft Inspection Device)  is based on a contact measurement known for its robustness. The 5 Keys trace simultaneously the surface to be measured at required depth.This device is tolerant to surface condition, residual pollution and optical characteristic (reflectivity, lighting, etc.…) unlike vision measurement. Compact (16cm), thanks to its tolerance to misalignment (up to 2/10mm) and its tightness (IP 67), the HSID 25 can be mounted on a manipulator arm or can be integrated on a machining center.It can operate “in situ” measurements with a micrometric accuracy, even under harsh environments (vibrations, machining lubricant, micro-chips, etc.). Depending on the inspected nominal diameter, the measurement range is from 1 to 4 mm and measurement depth is up to 100mm. For example, it can be used to measure machined bore in composite material (carbon fiber) even on deep hole. Its high productivity allow measurement at high speed (less than one second). Thanks to its 5 keys, the device also provides in one measurement: misalignment, circularity, and concentricity.