• Motorization and robotization through miniaturization

Motorization and robotization through miniaturization

The ISP SYSTEM products offer the advantage of a high repeatability, maintenance without feeding and a very competitive cost.
They replace advantageously the products with piezo motorization.

Equipped with a permanent screw-nut system with an adjusting backlash device, these devices allow stability energy off.
The stepper motor in open loop, the linear guide and the presence of optical sensor ensure high repeatability, high accuracy positioning and resolution adaptable to customer needs.

These devices can be used for settings femtosecond and picosecond OPO lasers.
The laser Users shall appreciate being able to customize their beam by adjusting many optical parameters. That’s why these miniaturized actuators, controlled remotely are adapted to the lasers from new generation.

Developed with an electronic driver, these actuators provide a great matching to customer constraints (size, interface, resolution …) and according to customers’ needs; they can be adapted to specific environments such as vacuum.


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