• Soldering or sintering Laser. Get your industrialization with ILAS:

Soldering or sintering Laser. Get your industrialization with ILAS:

From idea to achievement, many steps to pass! … The new components put on the market to make assembly by soldering or nano-sintering require an accurate characterization of the process to be implemented.

Decisive progress in the assembly of electronic components of high power by laser process : ILAS (industrialization laser assembling station) is an assembly station of components with brazing or sintering Laser.

This generic machine is designed to produce in industrial conditions, prototype parts or small series.

Thanks to its electromagnetic head (patent ISP SYSTEM), ILAS control the positioning and the force put on the component. The head detects any change of phase and position accurately the component on the base substrate Control of the melting / solidification ensures an optimal quality (no void).

ILAS improves your productivity by reducing the cycle time. The control of the heat source (YAG ) allows a rapid and localized heating , and preserves the component and adjacent parts of all damage.

The ergonomic access to the various process parameters, the loading of the production program (HMI), the real-time process monitoring, analysis and post-processing of stored data, optimize the combination of the operations of the laser with the electromagnetic head.

Modular and evolutionary, ILAS can be adapted to client requests and specificities.

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